ZSR Circumcision in Children in Delhi

Circumcision in Children in Delhi | Paediatric Circumcision in Delhi

Dr Vijayant G Gupta is the best expert in Circumcision in Delhi India. He is also the authorised distributor and sole surgeon doing ZSR Circumcision in Delhi. On this page read about circumcision in Children in Delhi. He performs paediatric circumcision in Delhi including ZSR Circumcision in Children, Infants and neonates. ZSR Circumcision in children is the treatment for foreskin problems in boys.


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circumcision in children in delhi | pediatric circumcision in children in delhi india | zsr circumcision children delhi indiaWhat is Circumcision in Children?

Circumcision in children (ZSR Circumcision in Children) is a minor surgery that is done to correct tight foreskin or phimosis. Circumcision in infants is the surgical treatment for foreskin problem in boys. In this surgery, the circumcision surgeon will remove (cut) the foreskin of the neonate or child. This will expose the child penis head. The prepuce or foreskin of the neonate is removed. This will make the infants glans exposed after circumcision in children.

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What are the types of Circumcision in Children in Delhi?

There are mainly 2 types of circumcision in children in Delhi

  1. Conventional Circumcision in Children – The prepuce is cut with a knife (COLD STEEL) and joint with catgut or vicryl sutures. These stitches are self dissolving and leave no scar after a few weeks.
  2. ZSR Circumcision in Children – Revolutionary new technique. Read here.

What is ZSR Circumcision in Children in Delhi?

ZSR Circumcision device for children is a latest surgical stapler. It is developed by ZSR Biomedical located in China. This device cuts and staples the penile foreskin. It is a revolutionary development in the field of phimosis treatment.

In conventional circumcision in children, the surgeon has to first cut the skin with a knife and then stitch it. In ZSR circumcision in children, the stitching and the cutting are done by the device. This makes the procedure rapid and painless.

Because of the speed, there is very less bleeding and very less pain to the patient. No surgical stitches are used in ZSR circumcision in children. The device uses metal clips with silicon ring (see video).