Urethroplasty Surgery in Delhi | Urethroplasty Surgery cost in Delhi

Urethroplasty Surgery in Delhi | Urethroplasty surgery cost in Delhi

You are reading this page to know about Urethroplasty cost and details. Urethroplasty is a surgery to treat Urethral Stricture. Dr Vijayant G Gupta performs Urethroplasty surgery in Delhi. He is Urethroplasty surgeon. Know about Urethroplasty cost in Delhi. For India read here.

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Urethroplasty surgery in delhi - Urethroplasty surgery cost in delhi

What is Urethroplasty Surgery? Urethroplasty surgery in Delhi

In Urethroplasty surgery in delhi the narrow strictured tube is cut. The narrow part of the urethral stricture is cut surgically and repaired. Once the narrowing is open the urine flow improves. This allows you to void in a good stream.

Urethroplasty is not a simple procedure. But if done properly it can give excellent results. Because of its complexity, many unqualified surgeons are giving this surgery a bad name. Please show prudence and consult a qualified urologist for the best results.

Depending on your need additional procedures like laser OIU or use of injections may be combined with urethroplasty to give better results. The procedure may be performed in 1 to 3 sittings. Usually 1 sitting of Urethroplasty Surgery in Delhi in sufficient.

You will remain on a urine pipe or a catheter for 10 to 14 days after the surgery.

What are the variations of Urethroplasty Surgery in Delhi ?

There are many many ways to perform the Urethroplasty surgery in Delhi. The variations are

  1. End to End anastomosis – Traditional and safe. Cut the diseases segment and rejoin both the ends
  2. BMG Urethroplasty in Delhi – The skin from the mouth or Buccal mucosa is used to recreate a new tube.
  3. Local Flap Urethroplasty – Flaps or skin from the penis foreskin are used for reconstruction

What are the Investigations required before doing a Urethroplasty surgery in Delhi ?

Before performing a Urethroplasty surgery in Delhi your surgeon needs to assess your urethral stricture with a MCU RGU test.

What is the Urethroplasty cost in Delhi?

The Urethroplasty cost in Delhi all inclusive prices (New Delhi India)

(Includes Test and all surgical expenses)

  1. For Indian patients 1.2 Lac Rupees all inclusive
  2. For International Patients 3000 US Dollars all inclusive