Penile Implant Surgery in New Delhi India | Penile Prosthesis Surgery Cost and other Frequently asked questions

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 You are reading about Penile Implant Surgery in India. On this page you will read in detail about Erectile dysfunction surgery in India and Penile Implant Surgery cost in India.

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New Delhi India is the home to the most cost effective penile implant surgery in the world.

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Consultant Andrologist and the largest volume serious Penile Implant Surgeon in India (New Delhi). He is the only serious implanter in India certified by both AMS (Boston Scientific) for the AMS system and Coloplast Inc for it Titan System. In this section we will talk about Penile Implants in the pathway to better sexual health.

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Penile Implant Surgery Cost in India | Penile Implant in India| Surgery for Erectile dysfunction in Delhi India

penile implant in india | penile implant surgery cost in india
Dr Vijayant G Gupta with Penile Implant boxes AMS 700 LGX


What are Penile Implants?

What are the type of Penile Implants available in Delhi India?

What are the routes to implant a penile prosthesis?

Where all has Dr Vijayant G Gupta received training for penile prosthesis?

What are the methods to preserve length or length enhancing penile implants?

What is the cost involved in getting a penile implant in India?

What are the Indications for Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction?

What are the contraindications for Penile Prosthesis surgery?

Infection rates in Penile Implant surgery in India?



Penile implants are also knows as penile prosthesis. A prosthesis is an artificial body part. It may be made up of biological or engineered tissues. It is used for providing function to lost or diseased body organs. Penile implants are artificial constructed rods. These rods are are placed in the penis. For providing the patients with erectile dysfunction or impotence, adequate rigidity or tightness to have sexual intercourse. Men with ED cannot have erection. The blood flow in their penis is not enough. In these patients, penile implants provide artificial hardness.

With this hardness they can penetrate. Since outside the glans and penis have its own blood supply and sensation, they can enjoy sex and orgasm naturally. Dr Vijayant Gupta is the only certified and trained penile implant surgeon in India.



There are 3 types of penile implants in India. Each is different on the basis of construct, use and cost.

  1. Semi Rigid / Hinged Prosthesis / Indian Shah Prosthesis – These penile prosthesis are rods that are fixed in size and diameter. These prosthesis always keep the penis rigid and erect. These prosthesis are the cheapest and easiest to place. They are also easy to manage. Whenever the patient wishes to have sex, he can just proceed to intercourse.  These prosthesis have a hinge mechanism, because of which the penis can be directed downwards during regular daily life to pass urine, or to sleep, and when sex is required, the penis can be directed. These are comparatively cheaper, but have excellent long term results and high satisfaction from patients. Their main advantage is their cost. Read more here.
  2. Inflatable prosthesis – These are the “Gold Standard” for penile implants. They are inflatable balloon like rods placed inside the penis with a control button placed inside the scrotum. Once sex is desired, the button is pressed which fills the balloons providing a natural erection fit for intercourse and satisfaction. These penile implants are directly imported into India. These are also of 2 types.
    • 2 piece or Implants with no reservoir – example AMS Ambicor
    • 3 piece or Penile implants with reservoir – example AMS 700 or Coloplast Titan series
    • The Coloplast is still not approved here in India so there is no warranty on the placement of these intra penile prosthesis, but the AMS implants carry a lifetime worldwide free replacement warranty in India.

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  1. I have 10 years of experience in operative Urology where I manage all simple to major Urological conditions involving complex Penile reconstructions. This provides me with versatility and intimate knowledge about the male reproductive anatomy.
  2. I perform more than 100 penile implants a year on average. Besides performing more than 500 penile surgeries annually.
  3. I was trained and certified on the AMS 700 system by Boston Scientific in Seoul Korea with Dr Sean Park in 2016. Read here.
  4. I was trained in the Coloplast Penile Implant system at Mt Sinai New York with Dr Robert Valenzuela in 2018/19. A pioneer and a great teacher. Read here.

penile implant surgery in india | penile implant in india
With Dr Sean Park at Sewum Urology in Seoul Korea

penile implant surgery in india | penile implant in india
Dr Valenzuela a Titan man with a Titan practice and a Titan Personality



Trained at so many centres and with so many people, currently I am comfortable with all implant types and all implant routes.

I can perform and do perform it by a subcoronal incision, infrapubic and the scrotal route. I am comfortable placing the reservoir in normal and ectopic locations.

I regularly perform complex revisions for infected and malfunctioning implants and can provide alternate rerouting and replacements of penile implants if covered under global warranty.

I also perform the “MOST” or Sliding technique for length enhancement and penile implantation. Besides the “No touch” technique is also routinely followed at my practice. 


Not all men need penile implants. Many men do well without any of these. Penile prosthesis are usually indicated once, all other options have been exhausted. To read more options for ED read here.

  1. Severe arteriogenic Erectile Dyfunction – Blocked blood vessels after heart attack, diabetes etc
  2. Severe Venous Erectile Dysfunction – After injury or priapism attack
  3. Post traumatic erectile dysfunction – cut away penis, reconstructed penis or after PFUDD.
  4. Erectile Dysfunction in Old Men
  5. Post Surgery Erectile Dysfunction – Penile implants after radical prostatectomy
  6. Patients with peyronies disease or severe chordee
  7. In Female to male transition



Like any surgery, penile prosthesis is not suitable for all patients.

Firstly an active sexual life, with an understanding partner is required. Though penile prosthesis provides good cosmesis, the erection may not resemble a correct natural erection. And the patient needs to understand the limits of his prosthesis.

The patient must have sensation in his penis. He should also be in a physical and mental state to operate his prosthesis.

Any blood disorder, infections and stricture disease are contraindications to prosthesis.

Active cardiac disease where sexual activity is generally contraindicated are again a contraindication to the prosthesis.

Penile implants are not indicated for psychogenic and neurogenic impotence.



The most important side effect of penile implant is infection. Remember the implant is a foreign body. The body may decide to not accept it. It may also reject it. Or bacteria may get on it and cause infection.

Infection is a dreaded complication and can cause loss of the implant and the penis in severe cases.

This requires that the implant is placed in a highly sterile environment (implant ot) by a technically sound penile implant surgeon with a “NO TOUCH Technique”.

To prevent infections the steps I follow in my surgery are

  1. Use ultra sterile Operating Rooms
  2. Minimise entry of unnecessary staff and doctors
  3. Use good quality materials and antibiotics
  4. Use a sound no touch technique with minimal bleeding
  5. Sterile recovery rooms
  6. Early mobilisation of patient and implant


Penile implant surgery in India is significantly cheaper than internationally. Comparative prices in India for Penile Implant surgery are usually half. 

Penile Implant Surgery Cost in India

      1. Shah or Semi Rigid Penile Implant (Indian Make) – 135000 INR  (2000 US Dollar)
      2. Ambicor or 2 Piece penile Implant Cost – 5,20,000 INR (7450 US Dollar)
      3. AMS 700 or 3 Piece Inflatable Penile Implant Cost in India – 7,75,000 INR (11000 US Dollar)
      4. Coloplast Titan 3 Piece Inflatable Penile Implant – 7,45,000 INR (10600 US Dollar) – NO WARRANTY

All packages include

Surgical Cost

All Consumables

All medicines

1 Night Hospital Stay

All investigations

All consultations

Visa Verification


Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Penile Implant Surgeon in Delhi India who can provide you the excellent results you need with your penile implant surgery.

Contact me via Email or leave a message. Or take an appointment to discuss matters further.

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