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NSV Reversal in India (No Stitch Vasectomy Reversal in India)

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta, Urologist and Andrologist, is an expert in Vasectomy Reversal in India. Situated in New Delhi, India, he is a specialist surgeon in male sterilisation surgery reversal. For couples who have chosen vasectomy as a family planning option, and are now looking at having a child, vasectomy reversal is the best solution. For the best results and most affordable vasectomy reversal cost in India , read further or drop a message or get a free e consult via email ([email protected]).

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vasectomy reversal cost in india | nsv reversal cost in india

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Why choose Vasectomy Reversal in India ? No Scalpel Vasectomy Reversal in India


Male sterilization is an effective family planning technique for couples today. Many men have chosen the safe and effective method of vasectomy as their choice. But, life is difficult, and their may be many reasons why you may now choose to have another child. One reason may be a new partner or the death of a child. In such a circumstance, you may be considering nsv reversal or vasectomy reversal.

NSV reversal or vasectomy reversal is also called vasectomy recanalization surgery. In this procedure a surgeon goes back and joins the cut ends of your vasectomy. Read more about vas here. Once joined, this vas can now carry sperm again and return your fertility potential.

This procedure is very intricate and delicate. It requires the utmost expertise and needs careful suturing under an operating microscope in 50 or 300 times magnification. Only a trained microscopic surgeon should perform this procedure. Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a trained microscopic surgeon. I have received micro-surgical training at Maulana Azad Medical College and Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh, India. My mentors have included some great surgeons trained from Cleveland Clinic in the USA. Additionally I have trained at many International centres of excellence.

Vasectomy Reversal in India (Reviews and Success stories)

Brett P and his wife from Canada visited me at my clinic in New Delhi India for a Vasectomy reversal procedure in June 2018. Brett P had undergone a vasectomy in the US 12 years ago when still unmarried. He and his partner now were desperate for a child and had tried and failed 2 cycles of TESE in Canada. After thorough tests he underwent a bilateral microscopic vasectomy reversal in India. They returned to canada after 1 week. After 3 weeks he had successful return of sperms to his ejaculate.

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Vasectomy Reversal in India - What to Expect?

NSV reversal or Vasectomy reversal is performed under regional or general anesthesia. Since this procedure takes upto 2 hours to perform, you will put to sleep or made pain free below the umbilicus as per your choice and the anaesthetic consideration.

This surgery may be performed on one side at a time as to leave the other testis untouched for ICSI or Sperm Retrieval later. The surgery is also performed on both sides after patient consent. The scar or incision is usually small and will require 4 to 5 stitches or metal clips outside. Post surgery you will be fit to resume light duties in 2 to 3 days and heavy work in 2 weeks.

Post surgery there maybe some bruising or pain, which usually improves in a week.

You can have intercourse after 2 weeks as to not disturb the surgical site. Normally it would take 3 to 5 weeks for sperms to return to the ejaculate.

The success of vasectomy recanalization/ Vasectomy reversal depends on

Duration of prior surgery (Number of years since vasectomy)

Prior vasectomy method - Whether cut ends were cauterized, burnt or a large segment removed

Sperm granuloma - a thick nodule at the site of previous surgery

Testicular size

Age of patient

Comorbidities - Diabetes etc

Presence of sperms in Testicular Aspirate at time of Surgery

Hormonal Status of the Patient

Partner medical status and ability to bear children

Surgeon expertise and Technical Factors

As you can see the surgery is intricate and many factors play a role. But still 90 percent of patients will be able to have sperms return to their ejaculate after the surgery.

What is my success rate with Vasectomy Reversal in India? What if NSV reversal fails?

The chances of the NSV reversal surgery failing in my hands is small. I operate 1 to 2 patients for vasectomy recanalization in a month. Unpublished audit of my own data, I have the following results (not considering variables)

  1. Sperm Positive Rate - Return of Sperm in Ejaculate approx 90 percent
  2. Positive Pregnancy without Assisted Reproduction - 50 percent
  3. Major Complications (Hematoma, Infection) less than 1 percent

If vasectomy reversal fails then we can proceed with two methods

a. Vasoepidydmostomy

b. Frozen sperms if collected on table and stored

Vasectomy Reversal Cost in India ? How much does Vasectomy Recanalization cost in India?

Vasectomy Recanalization (Vasectomy reversal) is a tremendously sophisticated procedure. It is a microsurgical procedure. Good results require precision and lot of time consumed for the surgeon. Besides the sutures used are expensive. Even though my team tries to make it cheaper and affordable but the time, staff and consumables required make the pricing difficult.

Since most Indian patients looking for Vasectomy Reversal have got their Vasectomy from the Government of India and are poor, for Indian patients Vasectomy Recanalization cost in India is 65000 Indian Rupees for one side, and 95000 Indian Rupees for a Bilateral procedure. This includes 1 day stay and all surgical charges. This cost is subsidises by the Government.

For my clients from abroad, especially USA and Canada, Vasectomy Reversal Charges in India is 2250 US Dollars. This price is significantly less than that charged in these countries, with results that are top notch. This price includes

  • Complete OT Charges
  • All Consumables
  • Anaesthesia
  • 2 consultations
  • 2 dressings
  • All local taxes

Miscellaneous additional expenses and costs for Vasectomy reversal in India

  1. Sperm Freezing / Banking - 1500 US Dollar / 2 year
  2. Concurrent Testicular Biopsy - 250 US Dollar
  3. Concurrent Female Partner Workup and Gynae Consultation - 1000 US Dollar
  4. Concurrent IVF/ICSI cycle in same visit - 3000 US Dollar

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