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Urologist in Delhi – Best Urologist in Delhi – Urologist Near me in Delhi

Urologist in Delhi|Best Urologist in Delhi|Dr Vijayant govinda Gupta

Urologist in Delhi|Best Urologist in Delhi|Dr Vijayant govinda Gupta|Best Urologist near me in Delhi

Welcome to the Personal Website of Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta (Urologist in Delhi) (M.B.B.S, M.S, M.Ch Urology)

Urologist in Delhi|Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta| Best Urologist in Delhi

Hi, I am Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta and I am a Urologist in Delhi. This website profiles my work experience and qualification as a urologist. I am a Consultant Urologist practicing in Delhi with vast experience in the field of Urology and associated branches and this website is an effort to document and explain to patients in simple terms the various aspects of urology. I am a qualified Board Certified Urologist in Delhi, India and I am trained additionally in Urology, Andrology, Laparoscopic surgery and Robotic surgery. You can access my detailed resume on this page. If you are looking for the Best Urologist in Delhi then your search ends with me. Read about the Best Urologist in Delhi in Hindi.


  1. Why am I the Best Urologist in Delhi?
  2. What is a Urologist and what is the practice of Urology?
  3. What Urological services and where do I offer in Delhi NCR?


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Urologsit in Delhi|Best Urologist in Delhi|Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta

Why am I the Best Urologist in Delhi?

You may have searched for the best urologist in Delhi and NCR. Best is a very generic term. There are many ways to define best.

My definition of best would mean a doctor surgeon who understand and relates to his patient, provides scientific, ethical treatment options, avoids unnecessary surgery and medicines and who provides these facilities economically.

I stand by this definition and what matters to me is not to be the Best urologist in Delhi but to be a friend and counsel to you in your times of need, and to provide you relief from your urological problems.

I have tried to leave no stone unturned in providing you the best urological care. I have trained from the best Urology institutions in the country and abroad and my practice is based on sound scientific evidence and professional ethics. Read resume here. I have an experience of over 8 years in the field of urological surgery and I have independently performed more than 10000 urological procedures successfully. I have many scientific publications and have co authored a chapter in Surgery Update on Urological topic.

Currently I am reachable on email ([email protected]) or on 09592999184. I respond to mails within a few hours. You can also leave me a message on the website below or follow me on facebook.

I do not charge any fees for medical advice provided via email consultation. Terms of Service.

I am available for consultation (by appointment) at the following clinics and hospitals.


What is Urology and what does a Urologist do?

A Urologist is a doctor specialized in the field of Urology i.e. disease processes affecting the genitourinary tract. That would include diseases of the prostate, kidney, urinary bladder, ureter and sexual organs of both men and women. He can perform laparoscopic surgery or open surgery. I am comfortable with both.

A laparoscopic surgeon performs laparoscopic surgery i.e. operating via small tubed cameras called laparoscopes through very small incisions and holes to provide early recovery and good cosmesis to his patients.

Robotic surgery entails the use of a surgeon controlled robot that allows complex surgeries to be performed through small incisions.

On this website I have made an effort to curate my experience and surgical expertise in the form of Innovative video series and Images to help you understand Urology surgeries better so that you can take informed decisions regarding your health.

Urologists are also most qualified to manage diseases of the penis skin and operate for it.

I am fluent in English and Hindi. I welcome conversation in Hindi about Urology and associated languages.


Which hospitals do I serve in Delhi?

I am a visiting Urologist in Delhi. See the complete detailed list here.

I have a Clinic in Karol Bagh where I see patients by prior appointment. All of these centres are reputed and famous hospitals with excellent teams trained with me, geared to provide you the care you need. You can give a call on + 919592999184 for further information.

I am trained and provide the following services to my esteemed patients.

AndrologyUrogynecologyRobotic UrologyLaparoscopic UrologyPretransplant and Nephrourology

Clinic Locations in Delhi NCR (Click for Contact and Directions)

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