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Frenulum is a thin cord like structure connecting the human penile prepuce to the coronal sulcus (glans). It contains a single vessel called the frenular vessel. The frenulum prevents the free movement of the prepuce. A tight frenulum prevents free movement of the prepuce during sexual intercourse or masturbation. A tight frenulum causes pain during sex and in vigorous sex it can tear (frenular tear) and cause pain and bleeding. The surgical release of a tight frenulum is called frenuloplasty. Dr Vijayant G Gupta is an expert in Frenuloplasty in India.

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What is the procedure for Frenuloplasty of the penis?

Frenuloplasty is performed under local anesthesia. Local anesthesia makes the frenulum and the area around it numb and painfree. After that using laser, electrocautery or a knife, the frenulum is released from the coronal sulcus. The bleeding is cauterized (stopped) and with fine sutures the mucosal margins of the frenulum are sutured. This step elongates the frenulum. This procedure is called frenuloplasty. The sutures usually dissolve in 2 weeks and the patient can resume sex after 2 weeks.

Video of Frenuloplasty in India


Frenuloplasty in Delhi Tight Frenulum in India

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Pictures of Tight Frenulum and Frenuloplasty

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Alternatives to Frenuloplasty

The alternatives to a frenuloplasty surgery are circumcision or frenulectomy. In circumcision the entire prepuce is removed hence frenulum is managed by default. In frenulectomy, instead of elongating the frenulum, the frenulum is cut and removed.

Affect of frenuloplasty on sexual function

It is a common misconception that removing the frenulum makes sex less pleasurable or reduces pleasure. Frenuloplasty does not reduce pleasure or affect sensation of the penis in any way.

Complications of Frenuloplasty

The complications of frenuloplasty (if not properly done) are

  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Stitch infection
  • Scarring

Frenuloplasty in Delhi | Frenuloplasty in India

Frenuloplasty in Delhi is performed by Dr Vijayant G Gupta. He is a Urologist in Delhi, specialising in Frenuloplasty in Delhi India. Delhi is the capital of India offering the best in healthcare globally. At Govinda Healthcare you will get the best in terms of care, cleanliness, hygiene and doctors.

Cost of Frenuloplasty in India

The cost of frenuloplasty in India ranges from 12000 to 25000 rupees (200 US Dollars to 400 US Dollars) all inclusive. Contact today for all eligible discounts.

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