Preputioplasty in India – Alternative to Circumcision in Adults

Preputioplasty in Delhi | Preputioplasty Cost in India | Preputioplasty Cost in Delhi

This page details Preputioplasty in India as an Alternative to Circumcision in Adults. It talks about Preputioplasty in Delhi as well discusses Preputioplasty cost in India. Preputioplasty is also called as Prepuceplasty. Sometimes Preputioplasty may be combined with frenuloplasty. Read more about Circumcision here.

Preputioplasty in India | Preputioplasty in Delhi | Preputioplasty cost in Delhi | Preputioplasty cost in India

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Preputioplasty in Delhi

What is Preputioplasty? Why is it an alternative to Circumcision in Adults?

Preputioplasty is a surgical procedure that releases the tight phimotic bands of the prepuce without removing the prepuce. Preputioplasty is an alternative to circumcision in adults. It is a surgical procedure that saves the foreskin instead of removing it.

It is also called as Prepuceplasty. In its simplest term, it is also called as Dorsal Slit.

preputioplasty in delhi | preputioplasty in india

What are the methods to do Preputioplasty in India?

There are several methods to perform Preputioplasty in India. I perform preputioplasty in Delhi after properly asessing the candidate and the tight foreskin phimotic bands. The various methods are.

  1. Dorsal Slit – Simplest and easiest method. It cuts the skin vertically and joins it, making the foreskin loose. But, it gives rise to Dog ear deformity, which looks cosmetically very bad.
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  2. V – Y preputioplasty  – In this technique, instead of simple cut, a Y cut is turned into a V to allow better looking result.
  3. “Italian” technique or “Triple Cut” technique = The method with the best result and greatest cosmetic effect.
    • preputioplasty in delhi | preputioplasty in india | preputioplasty cost in delhi | preputioplasty cost in india

What is the recovery time for Preputioplasty in Delhi?

After preputioplasty, the patient can return home the same day. The dressing is changed after 24 hours. Usually full recovery after preputioplasty takes approx 15 days. Preputioplasty in Delhi is a daycare procedure which takes 15 to 20 minutes to perform.

What is Preputioplasty Cost in Delhi?

Preputioplasty cost in India is 20000 Rupees all inclusive of taxes. It includes

  • Preputioplasty
  • OT Charges
  • All consumables
  • All Nursing Charges
  • All medicines
  • All other miscll costs