Prostate Cancer – Symptoms and Diagnosis

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Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Urologist and Urooncologist with expertise in Prostate cancer, Prostate cancer symptoms and Prostate Biopsy. For Prostate cancer in Delhi and Prosatate Cancer Symptoms in Delhi and Prostate Biopsy in Delhi - Contact today or leave a message for a free EConsult.

Prostate cancer is a worrisome diagnosis. Prostate cancer symptoms are non specific and make the diagnosis more difficult. Prostate biopsy is the only way to definitively diagnose the condition. In this article we discuss prostate cancer, prostate cancer symptoms and prostate biopsy.

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Prostate Cancer

Prostate is an apple shaped sex organ, situated between the bladder and the urine pipe. If you lift your scrotum (nut sack) and press in the are between your anus and your scrotum, it is the approximate area where this structure lies. It can be felt by your doctor when he puts his finger through your anus (ass-hole), where he can feel its size, shape and areas of hardness that are suggestive of cancer. This is called a digital rectal examination or a DRE.

Prostate is essentially a sex organ, it produces fluid throughout life that makes a mans semen white and liquid. But, with age this gland can develop prostate cancer in it.

prostate cancer-prostate cancer symptoms-prostate biopsy
digital rectal examination

Prostate cancer is a cancer of age. With increasing age, the chances of a man developing this cancer increases. It is one of those rare cancers that has found to have no defined risk factors. Till today, no proof of any predisposing factor has been found. Still avoiding smoking, moderate alcohol intake, preventing sexually transmitted diseases, eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight are good for general health, but whether these steps will prevent prostate cancer are debatable.

A lot of myths abound regarding prostate cancer. One thing I wish to stress in the beginning, prostate cancer is completely treatable (if detected and treated at the right time).

Even in advanced prostate cancer, several newer treatments exist and patients can hope to live long healthy lives if managed correctly. So, consult a qualified urologist at once.

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Prostate Cancer Symptoms/Symptoms of Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a thief. It will slowly creep on an it will rarely produce symptoms. In many western countries, where health checkups are routine, it is diagnosed very early. But, in India, where routine health checkups are rare, most patients present late when symptoms are full blown.

Prostate cancer symptoms are -

(Caution - Prostate cancer symptoms are non specific, more common diseases may produce similar symptoms. And even if u have symptoms, chances of you having prostate cancer are less than 5%)

  1. Urinary complaints - Frequency (going again and again), Urgency (Have to go feeling) Nocturia (getting up at night to urinate more than once or twice) Poor stream (Thin stream of urine/less pressure) Itermittency (stop start of flow).

  2. Hematuria - Blood in urine - bleeding is usually less, mixed with urine, may pass a few clots or pieces, usually bleeding occures once or twice.

  3. Bowel alteration - Difficulty in passing stools, constipation

  4. New onset bony pain - Pain in back, hips, lower legs that is present all through the day

The difficult part is that most patients will never have symptoms and will actually get a diagnosis during workup for other diseases.


Prostate cancer diagnosis

Diagnosing and treating prostate cancer lies squarely in the domain of a urologist or urology doctor. He is the leader of the team, who is most well equipped to manage your disease for the long term. The team is multi disciplinary, requires an oncologist, radiation oncologist and may be a pathologist. But, it would be in your best interest to keep your urologist informed and at the centre of your treatment plan. Prostate cancer is a long term disease with patients living for many decades with their disease. During this period patients would require management of their urine, sexual problems, complications of treatment and bleeding in urine. A urologist is trained to manage all these problems.

Also as members of prestigious associations, a urologist is the most updated person to manage your care.

Diagnosis of prostate cancer is based on the following modalities-

  • Digital Rectal Examination - Feeling the prostate through your anus (back passage).
  • Prostate Biopsy - Putting a needle in your prostate and taking sample
  • MRI - A radiological investigation that helps in deciding your treatment plan
  • Serum PSA - a blood test that helps in diagnosis

Serum PSA

Serum PSA is discussed in greater detail here. For Elevated PSA or PSA test in Delhi or PSA test in Gurgaon - Click here.

Prostate biopsy/Prostate cancer biopsy/TRUS Biopsy

The only way to definitively diagnose and to plan management is to do a prostate biopsy.

The prostate biopsy is done under local anaesthesia. It is usually painless. The most you would feel is a small sting when the needle is fired. It is a day care procedure, and the patient can usually go home the same day after a few hours.

The patient is made to lie down on his side with knees touching the belly and asked to relax. Liberal jelly is placed in the back passage and a probe is passed through. This step is completely painless. Then the doctor proceeds to administer local anesthesia and after this the procedure becomes very comfortable. Using a needle than the urologist takes 12 cores or 12 samples from the entire prostate. The biopsy is then processed by a pathologist and the report is back after 2 days.

There are usually no complications. Minor bleeding, fever, pain may occur in some patients. But, they are easily managed.

The prostate biopsy report will contain the following essential information

  1. Number of cores positive for cancer
  2. Gleason score - it varies from 6 to 10 and indicates aggressiveness of the cancer
  3. Supplementary information like perineural invasion etc

For Prostate Biopsy in Delhi - Click here.

Some times, your biopsy may come out negative, but other clinical isgns such as serum PSA may remain elevated. In these circumstances you would require more advanced prostate biopsy techniques. These include perenial biopsy, MRI fusion biopsy or may require close observation.

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I am Urologist practicing in the Delhi, Gurgaon NCR region (for prostate cancer delhi, gurgaon and NCR). For prostate cancer diagnosis and all the latest investigative modalities, contact me or take an appointment. Or leave a message.

prostate cancer

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Prostate Specific Antigen Delhi-PSA Delhi-PSA Gurgaon

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Urologist in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon specialising in prostate cancer diagnosis and prostate cancer treatment. He is the best doctor to full evaluate and advise on elevated PSA levels and to interpret your prostate specific antigen levels. If you have received a PSA test in Delhi or a PSA test in Gurgaon or a PSA test in NCR, contact me today. Get a free e consult via email or drop a message.

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PSA Delhi-PSA Gurgaon-PSA NCR

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If you still have any doubts feel free to contact me via email or drop me a message below.

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Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Delhi-Radical Prostatectomy Delhi

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Gurgaon-Radical Prostatectomy Gurgaon

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Urologist and Robotic Surgeon in Delhi specialising in Urooncology and Robotic surgery of Prostate cancer including Robotic Radical prostatectomy Delhi and Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Gurgaon.

robotic radical prostatectomy delhi-radical prostatectomy delhi

What is Radical Prosatectomy – Is Radical Prostatectomy in Delhi and NCR?

Radical prostatectomy is a urooncological surgery in which the diseased prostate gland is removed en toto from the body along with its draining lymphnodes. This surgery is the curative surgery for prostate cancer. A technically complex and a challenging surgery, it requires expert assessment and great care from the operating surgeon. Apart from this, choosing whether you are suitable for this surgery is a challenge, few urologist are trained in.

With the introduction of the Da Vinci surgical robot, thankfully the world class cutting edge technique of Robotic Radical Prostatectomy is now available in Delhi and Gurgaon.

What is a Surgical Robot? Is Robotic Radical prostatectomy Delhi and Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Gurgaon a reality?

robotic radical prostatectomy gurgaon-radical prostatectomy gurgaon

A surgical robotic system is specialised cutting edge machine manufactured world over by Intuitive Surgicals, a California based company. It is supplied in India by a company called Vattikutti Institute. Specialised training is recommended before a someone is authorised to work on the console.

In this procedure the surgeon uses his wrist to manipulate the arms of a patient side robot and with high magnification and precise movements. Very intricate procedures can be performed inside the patient with very minimal scars and blood loss.

I have the good fortune to train at PGI Chandigarh, where the Da Vinci HD Si system has been operational since 2014. There I assisted in more than 50 robotic surgeries. The Da Vinci simulator was also operational and as a resident, simulator on time was provided to each of us.

Is Radical Prostatectomy possible without a robot?

Yes, Radical Prostatectomy is possible without a robot. In fact, data worldwide shows that open or laparoscopic conventional radical prostatectomy is superior. But, patient choice drives the decision. I am comfortable doing open, laparoscopic and Robotic Radical prostatectomy. The best option for you is always a decision made with consultation. What is right for you may not be right for some one else.

Who is the Best Robotic Surgeon in Delhi?

Best is a generic term. I believe the surgeon who can provide you relief from your disease in a economical ethical and caring manner is the Best Robotic Surgeon in Delhi and Gurgaon. A surgon who knows when to ask for help at the right time instead of compromising your care is the Best Robotic Surgeon in Delhi NCR.

I have my teachers and stalwarts practicing in Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR. In fron of these giants, I will always be a student. That said, it is my strong belief that prostate cancer is not a disease by a commitment. I will hold your hand through your entire journey to recover from this disease, a stronger man.

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Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Urologist in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon specialising in Urooncology with special interest in the treatment of prostate cancer. You can read an excellent article on prostate cancer diagnosis here. In this article I write about prostate cancer treatment Delhi, Prostate cancer treatment Gurgaon and prostate cancer treatment in NCR.

prostate cancer treatment delhi-prostate cancer treatment gurgaon

Why a Urologist for Prostate Cancer Treatment in Delhi?

A urologist is the best qualified medical specialist to handle your complex condition. Due to efforts and progress in science, today prostate cancer is eminently treatable. A Urologist will not only ensure treatment but will allow you to have a great quality of life too.

Delhi being a Metro, has many Urologist. Choose a Urologist that can provide you the best prostate cancer treatment Delhi and best Prosatate cancer treatment Gurgaon.

I can provide you the best results and a comfortable Prostate cancer treatment in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon, if you do choose me as your treating urologist.

What treatment of Prostate cancer can I offer you in Delhi and Gurgaon?

I am experienced and comfortable in all forms of prostate cancer treatment. You can read a detailed article here.

In Delhi and Gurgaon, I can offer you all the latest modalities of treatment including Robotic Radical Prostatectomy.

Contact me today for further discussion about your problem. Get a free consult via email, or leave a message.

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Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is the best urologist in Delhi and NCR for the diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer. Read further for more information on Prostate Cancer Delhi, Prostate Cancer NCR and Prostate Cancer Gurgaon.

Also read my article on Prostate CancerProstate cancer SymptomsProstate biopsy.

prostate cancer delhi-prostate cancer ncr-prostate cancer gurgaon


Prostate cancer is a rising problem in urban populations, especially in cities like Delhi and the National Capital Region. Gurgaon is seeing a rapid increase in population. And with it, its residents are having to face this dreaded problem.

Prostate cancer is eminently treatable. If caught early, it is completely curable and long term survival is the norm. But, prostate cancer is also an enigma of treatment paradigm. It requires very very careful and nuanced workup by a qualified urologist with significant experience in diagnosis of prostate cancer.

You can read my credentials to treat prostate cancer here. I have significant practical training in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

You can refer to my articles on prostate cancer, serum psa and prostate cancer treatment.

Why should I contact an Urologist for Prostate Cancer in Delhi?

Prostate cancer is a disease with a very long course. You will live for many many years after treatment. A urologist is the one person who is the most qualified to manage all associated complications and life issues. Other specialities may mange your cancer initially, but at some point will always require a urologist to come on board. So consulting a good urologist in your area (Delhi, NCR Gurgaon) for prostate cancer will be in your best interest

Am I competent in evaluating all the latest diagnostic modalities for prostate cancer?

I am fully qualified in evaluating and diagnosing prostate cancer in Delhi, prostate cancer in gurgaon and prostate cancer in NCR. I am comfortable in all latest diagnostic modalities like multiparametric MRI, Serum PSA and TRUS guided Biopsies and routinely offer these tests to my patients in Delhi NCR.

If you are suffering from prostate cancer Delhi, Prostate cancer NCR and Prostate cancer Gurgaon, you can take an appointment or get a free econsult via email.

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I am qualified in diagnosing, treating and managing the entire spectrum of prostate cancer. You can contact me via email [email protected] I reply within a few hours


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