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You are visiting this page because you searched for Varicocele treatment in Delhi. This page has information on Varicocele surgery in Delhi including Varicocele surgery cost in Delhi. Dr Vijayant G Gupta is a Varicocele Doctor in Delhi who also provides information on Varicocele embolization cost in Delhi.


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Varicocele is a common problem affecting men in their youth. Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is an Andrologist in Delhi NCR and an expert in varicocele treatment in Delhi. You can take an appointment or leave a message. You can also take a free e consult via Email.

varicocele treatment in delhi-varicocele surgery in delhi- varicocele surgery cost in delhi - varicocele treatment cost in delhi - varicocele embolization cost in delhiVaricocele – Definition (What is Varicocele?)

Varicocele is defined as the swelling of the testis veins (spermatic). The spermatic veins carry blood from the testis back into the body. Normally they are small and of no consequence. But in some men, these veins dilate or swell up. There are many reasons for this. One could be kidney cancer or any swelling inside the abdomen. This needs to be ruled out. But mostly, varicocele happen due to still unknown reasons.

These dilated spermatic veins or varicocele may or may not cause symptoms.

A patient may present for varicocele treatment in delhi for the following reasons

Reasons for Varicocele Treatment in Delhi

Pain or Discomfort in the testis on standing or working

Infertility or inability to conceive


Inability to join the army

For each reason varicocele surgery in Delhi is indicated.

What are the benefits of Varicocele treatment in Delhi?

Varicocele surgery is a difficult decision. To treat varicocele by varicocele surgery may or may not help.

Pain and discomfort disappears in 90% of men operated for varicocele, but upto 10% patients may still suffer from continuing pain. But, varicocele surgery is the first step and is recommended for this indication.

Varicocele surgery improves sperm count and sperm motility. Varicocele treatment allow infertile couples to conceive naturally. Some studies have found that varicocele surgery may actually improve sperm parameters allowing better results with in vitro fertilization and assisted reproduction.

Varicocele surgery or varicocelectomy is not a guarantee to join the Indian army. The Indian army usually will wait for 3 months after surgery before reviewing your case individually. It is a medico legal issue and requires careful evaluation.

What to expect if you plan your Varicocele surgery in Delhi? (Recovery time after Varicocele treatment in Delhi)

Microscopic Varicocele Surgery in Delhi

Microscopic Varicocele surgery is performed under local, regional or spinal anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia can be used if you so wish. A small 5 mm incision is made on your groin just near your scrotum, and the veins exposed. The veins are ligated one by one using a microscope. The surgical duration is approximately 1 hour. Post surgery you may return home and resume daily work in 3 days and heavy work after a month.
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Laparoscopic Varicocele Surgery in Delhi (Palamo Procedure)

It is done under full general anesthesia. With the patient asleep, a thin laparoscope in put in the stomach. The veins are dilated from within the abdomen. Also called as Palamo procedure. Rest is usually required for 3 to 5 days.

Varicocele embolization surgery in Delhi

The latest minimally invasive method is varicocele embolization surgery in Delhi, where instead of any cut, the vein to the testis are blocked with gel. It is noticed that radiological angiembolization is being advocated for varicocele treatment. There is ample evidence that microsurgical inginal varicocelectomy is the best method with the least complications.

Microsurgical Varicocele surgery is the best method for varicocele treatment in Delhi

Varicocele surgery cost in Delhi? What is the Cost for Varicocele treatment in Delhi?

The cost for Varicocele surgery in Delhi varies according to the method chosen, the hospital chosen, the anesthaesia chosen and the surgical method. Varicocele treatment cost in Delhi is more affordable than most places worldwide.

Microscopic Varicocele treatment cost in Delhi

The complete package (per side) for microscopic inguinal varicocele surgery is

a. Local Anaesthesia Daycare 35000 rupees

b. General Anaesthesia One day stay 55000 Rupees

Laparoscopic Varicocele Surgery cost in Delhi

The complete package per side for laparoscopic Varicocele surgery is 55000 rupees

Varicocele embolization cost in Delhi

The complete package for Varicocele embolization cost in Delhi is 75000 rupees

Which is the best method for Varicocele Treatment in Delhi?

All current evidence says that microscopic varicocele surgery is the best method to treat varicocele. It has the lowest recurrence rate and highest success rate. (Reference)

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is an expert in microsurgical varicocele surgery in Delhi India. Take a free e consult or leave a message. You can also share my content or visit us on facebook.