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I specialise in the treatment of urethral stricture, urethritis and surgery for urethral stricture including OIU, urethroplasty and investigation for urethral stricture including MCU/RGU.

In this page I discuss about urethral stricture and its treatment options in detail.

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Urethral stricture is a difficult disease to manage, bot for the patient and the treating surgeon. The male urethra is a pipe that carries urine from the bladder to the outside. It is the tube inside your penis. This tube is normally smooth and hase a large bore, so urine and sex fluids come out easily, but sometimes, this tube may become damaged and cause many problems.

The management of urethral stricture is a fine art. It comes in the realm of cosmetic surgery and in this disease, the first surgery is the best surgery. So, be aware choosing a surgeon or surgery which promises you the easy way out, may not be a prudent decision.

I have worked with some of the best surgeons and departments, specialising in the management of urethral stricture. As my head of department used to say, urethral stricture is a disease that yher patient dies with. So, choosing your doctor and choosing your option after discussing in depth all options is the way to go.

urethra-urethral stricture-rgu-oiu-urethroplasty-urethritis

Urethral Stricture

As shown in the above diagram, when the urine pipe gets blocked or narrow, its called a urethral stricture. This stricture can be any part from the tip to up to the bladder. There are many causes for urethral stricture.

Some of the common causes for stricture are

Stone passage

Sexual Disease




Urethritis/Pus in urethra

Past surgery

Balanitis Xerotica Obliternas - in indian men without circumcision

But most people will never have any definite history. They will just present with their disease.

The stricture itself can present in may ways, but the common symptoms are

Difficulty in passing urine

Thin stream

Straining to pass urine/ urine coming in drops

burning in urine

not able to ejaculate

semen coming in drops

If you have these symptoms or have been diagnosed with urethral stricture, you should see a urologist.


RGU or retrograde urethrogram is an investigation to diagnose urethral stricture. I usually perform this test on a daycare basis. Your urologist will make you lie down and then put some medicine in (dye/contrast/radiological contrast) in your urethra through the hole at the tip of your penis. And then will take an x ray. From the xray, he can then diagnose where the blockage is and how to treat it. A RGU is best performed by the treating urologist. I perform all my RGU personally to give my patients the best result.

Then he will fill your bladder with the contrast/dye and then you will be asked to pass urine in front of an xray. With this I can make out any hidden obstruction if any?

The xray exposure is usually minimal and you can usually go home after the procedure without any complication.

Depending on each unique case, one or bith investigations may be required. Additional investigations such as an Ultrasound or a MRI may be requested in complicated cases.

urethra-urethral stricture-rgu-oiu-urethroplasty-urethritis


Optical internal urethrotomy/Internal Optical urethrotomy/VideoOIU or Video Internal urethrotomy

They all mean the same procedure. Using a camera and a very small knife, your urologist will cut through the narrow segment, and allow you to void in a good stream.

It is a simple procedure, with ugly results if not done properly. Because of its simplicity, many unqualified surgeons are offering it to unsuitable cases. Please show prudence and consult a qualified urologist for the best results.

Depending on your need additional procedures like cold knife OIU or use of injections may be combined to give better results. The procedure may be performed in 1 to 3 sittings.

You will remain on a urine pipe for 2 days after the surgery.

urethra-urethral stricture-rgu-oiu-urethroplasty-urethritis

Urethroplasty in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon

If done beautifully, a well done urethroplasty can save you years in medical costs and procedures

Very few surgeons in India are adequately trained in the fine art of urethroplasty. A urethroplasty is a surgical procedure, where the urethral tube is reconstructed so that always remains open. This tube can be remade with skin from your mouth or your penis itself. The site from which we take the skin is well hidden.

Sometimes, only the diseased segment is removed and the urethra rejoined. The surgery requires admission and you will be off work for a week. But, pain is minimal, complications few and results are excellent in the hands of expert Urologist.

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