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Prostate Laser Treatment Cost in Delhi|Prostate Laser Treatment specialist in Delhi|Prostate Laser Treatment in Delhi

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Prostate problems are a common problem in Delhi India. Prostate enlargement usually affects older men. It causes several symptoms like difficult urination, thin stream, getting up to pee at night, burning in urine etc.To solve these problems patients will require surgery. Some prostate patients will do well with normal medical treatment. If the patient needs surgery for prostate treatment in delhi then prostate laser treatment is the surgical modality of choice.

What is Prostate Laser Treatment?

What is the correct Prostate laser treatment cost in Delhi?

Who are the Prostate laser treatment specialist in Delhi?

Prostate laser treatment in Delhi India

Conventionally, in earlier times, prostate gland surgery meant cutting up the stomach and removing the gland. This surgery was very scary for the patient. Then, endoscopy for prostate treatment came. Endoscopic surgery of the prostate gland was called TURP. TURP reduced bleeding in prostate cure. It became gold standard for prostate treatment in Delhi.

Prostate laser treatment is the new modality. Read about it here on Web MD. 

In this, instead of using current, laser energy is used to cut the gland. It has several advantages over TURP.

  1. Less bleeding
  2. Early recovery
  3. Faster discharge
  4. Less pain

The currently used lasers for prostate treatment in Delhi are HoYag or Thu Yag (Also called Holep laser for prostate and Thulep laser for prostate)

See my video on You tube comparing both the laser treatment for prostate options.

Prostate laser treatment cost in Delhi

Because prostate laser treatment is new, there is a lot of confusion in Delhi, regarding the correct price. Ideally Prostate laser treatment should not cost above 1 lac rupees. But, the choice of laser, choice of room and patient age and other diseases can increase the cost of prostate laser treatment in Delhi.

Prostate laser treatment cost in Delhi is approximately 75 000 rupees at our centre.

Prostate laser treatment specialist in Delhi

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Prostate laser treatment specialist in Delhi. He is a super specialist Urologist in Delhi with expertise in managing prostate problems with laser at the correct price and cost. He is qualified from the best institutions in India and abroad.

He is associated with senior super specialist surgeon teams to make laser treatment of prostate glans easy, comfortable and good.