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Dr Vijayant G Gupta is a specialist surgeon for ZSR Circumcision in Delhi, India.

ZSR Circumcision is a revolutionary new technology for treating phimosis. It is a surgical stapler device for circumcision developed by ZSR Biomedical Technology company in China. Dr VG Gupta is trained in ZSR circumcision from China. He has introduced ZSR Circumcision in Delhi, India. For surgery in Children read here.

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What is ZSR Circumcision?

About Dr VG Gupta – ZSR Circumcision surgeon in Delhi?

Why choose ZSR Circumcision in India ?

What is the procedure (Technical steps) of ZSR Circumcision ?

How much time to recover from ZSR Circumcision?

What are the complications of ZSR Circumcision?

Cost of ZSR Circumcision in Delhi

Videos on ZSR Circumcision

Photos of ZSR Circumcision

Reviews of ZSR Circumcision in Delhi

What is ZSR Circumcision?

ZSR Circumcision device is a latest surgical stapler. It is developed by ZSR Biomedical located in China. This device cuts and staples the penile foreskin. It is a revolutionary development in the field of phimosis treatment.

In conventional circumcision, the surgeon has to first cut the skin with a knife and then stitch it. In ZSR circumcision technology, the stitching and the cutting are done by the device. This makes the procedure rapid and painless.

Because of the speed, there is very less bleeding and very less pain to the patient. No surgical stitches are used in ZSR. The device uses metal clips with silicon ring (figure below).

zsr circumcision in delhi | zsr circumcision in india | zsr circumcision cost in delhi | zsr circumcision cost in india

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That is why ZSR Circumcision is also called as “Bloodless Painless Stitchless Circumcision”

Dr VG Gupta – ZSR Circumcision Specialist in Delhi India

Surgical staplers for circumcision are now available in India. Dr Vijayant G Gupta, introduced ZSR technology in New Delhi India. ZSR circumcision in Delhi is available at Govinda Healthcare Superspeciality clinic, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

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New Delhi is the capital of India.

Karol Bagh is centrally located in New Delhi. It

is well connected to all areas by Metro, Bus and Trains.

Karol Bagh has 4 arterial roads (Pusa Road, Rohtak Road and GT Road) feeding it.

The closest metro stations are Karol Bagh Metro and Shastri Nagar Metro, Jhandewalan metro and Patel Nagar Metro station.

The clinic is also very near New Delhi Railway Station and Sarai Rohilla Railway station.

Dr VG Gupta is certified from ZSR Biomedical, China for ZSR Surgery.

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Getting your ZSR Circumcision in India

India is home to affordable healthcare. India has the best healthcare facilities. New Delhi in India is a world class city.

On your request, Insurance, Currency exchange, Hotels, Stay and language translators can be arranged.

Payment for ZSR Circumcision in India can be made by Card, Cash, Cheque and Low Interest EMI.

ZSR circumcision in India is affordable and safe. It is performed by well trained doctors and staff. The operating rooms are world class.

There is zero risk of infections.

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Procedure (Technical Steps) of ZSR Circumcision

  1. Anaesthesia – ZSR Circumcision is done under anaesthesia. It is completely painless for the patient. Anaesthesia can be local (given only in penis) or regional (makes the lower half of the body numb) or general anaesthesia (puts patient to sleep). All medicines used are imported and branded.
  2. ZSR Surgery Duration – The surgery duration is 30 minutes. The surgery is performed in daycare. The patient can go home same day.
  3. ZSR Surgery stitches – No stitches are used

After the surgery the patient can pass urine normally, wear jeans and drive his own car.

See Video of the technical steps of ZSR here.

Recovery from ZSR Circumcision (What to expect)

  1. The patient requires 3 weeks to completely recover from ZSR Circumcision.
  2. After the surgery the patient can go home the same day.
  3. Light rest is required for 24 hours.
  4. The bandage (dressing) is changed after 24 hours. This is usually done by me personally. But if the patient wishes to travel back to his place or country he can leave after surgery. The dressing change is simple and can be done at home.
  5. There is no pain after ZSR Circumcision.
  6. The patient can wear tight undergarments and jeans after surgery.
  7. There is no restriction on work. But the patients are advised to avoid heavy work, cycling and jogging.
  8. The patients are advised to avoid masturbation and sexual intercourse for 3 weeks after ZSR Circumcision.

zsr circumcision in delhi | ZSR circumcision in India | Zsr circumcision recovery

Complications of ZSR Circumcision

ZSR Circumcision is a very safe surgery. Done at my clinic under all safety precautions, ZSR Circumcision in Delhi has excellent results and a great safety record.

But if done improperly ZSR Circumcision in India may have the following complications.

  1. Bleeding  – Usually from the frenulum
  2. Infection of stitches
  3. Injury to the glans
  4. Too much skin removed
  5. Too less skin removed
  6. Injury to urethra

That is why it is essential to get your surgery done from experts.

Cost of ZSR Circumcision in Delhi India

Total Package cost is 27400 Rupees

(Get Regular Circumcision for 16000 all inclusive)

zsr circumcision cost in delhi | zsr circumcision price in delhi | zsr circumcision cost in india | zsr circumcision price in india

Prices revised from November 2018 to 27400 all inclusive. 35000 for General anaesthesia with stay.

These prices are not negotiable.

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Packages include (Terms and Conditions applied)

  • Surgery Charges
  • Nursing Charges
  • Stay (If stated)
  • All Consumables
  • Whatsapp follow up
  • One single dressing change
  • Preoperative testing

These prices for ZSR Circumcision in Delhi do not cover insurance or insurance processing fees.

ZSR Circumcision cost in Delhi varies from 27400 INR (500 USD) to 50000 INR (1000 USD).

Videos of ZSR Circumcision

Video 1 – ZSR Circumcision Technique in Delhi – Step by Step

ZSR Circumcision Technique step by step in Delhi India near me

Video 2 – ZSR Circumcision plus ZSR Frenuloplasty in Delhi India – Technical Points

 ZSR Circumcision Technique and ZSR Frenuloplasty step by step in Delhi India near me

Pictures of ZSR Circumcision

ZSR Circumcision in delhi | ZSR Circumcision cost in Delhi | zsr circumcision in India

Reviews from Satisfied patients after getting ZSR Circumcision in Delhi India

Our patients are very important to us, we as a team are motivated to give you the best results at the right price point.

zsr circumcision in delhi | zsr circumcision in india | patient reviews about zsr circumcision at specialist centre in delhi india

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