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MCU Test cost in Delhi | RGU Test Cost in Delhi

On this page read about the MCU test in Delhi. Dr Vijayant G Gupta is Urologist who performs the RGU test in Delhi. The MCU Test Cost in Delhi is 5000 Rupees. The RGU test cost in Delhi 5000 rupees.

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What is RGU test ? What is the RGU test cost in Delhi ?

RGU also called retrograde urethrogram is an investigation to diagnose urethral stricture. It is usually performed on a daycare basis. Your urologist will make you lie down and then put some medicine in (dye/contrast/radiological contrast) in your urethra through the hole at the tip of your penis. And then will take an x ray. From the xray, he can then diagnose where the blockage is and how to treat it. A RGU is best performed by the treating urologist. I perform all my RGU personally to give my patients the best result.

The cost for a RGU test is 5000 rupees. The RGU test cost in Delhi is 100 USD.

Strictures detected on RGU are treated with a OIU or a Urethroplasty.

What is MCU test? What is MCU test cost in Delhi ?

A MCU test is also called a Micturating Cystourethrogram. In this test the bladder is filled with medicine and the patient is asked to pass urine in front of an xray. It is painless. Then he will fill your bladder with the contrast/dye and then you will be asked to pass urine in front of an xray. With this I can make out any hidden obstruction if any?

The xray exposure is usually minimal and you can usually go home after the procedure without any complication.

pfudd-ppu-suprapubic catheter-perineal urethroplasty - MCU test in Delhi - MCU test cost in delhiA MCU test in Delhi

Depending on each unique case, one or both investigations may be required. Additional investigations such as an Ultrasound or a MRI may be requested in complicated cases.

The MCU test cost in Delhi is 5000 rupees (100 US Dollars)

The Indications of MCU RGU test in Delhi

Urethral Stricture

Fracture Pelvis

Vesicorenal reflux

Voiding difficulties

Prostate issues